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 3rd Annual Closing the Gap A Grandparents Day

Community Day Town Hall Meeting & Awards

Do you have a Voice?


Saturday September 9, 2017

3 pm to 6 pm

Custom Resources

456 E. 79th Street

Chicago, Illinois 60619

Nominees Sign-In at 1 pm SHARP

Purple Carpet Walk 3:15 pm to 3: 30 pm



*Nomination Starts 8/13/2017

*Nomination Closes Extended 

*Voting Starts 8/23/2017

*Voting Closes 9/2/2017

Winners will be announce

at the Grandparents Town Hall Meeting & Community Awards

 Grandparent Nomination Categories


Most Loving Grandparent(s) - this award is given to the grandparent(s) whose expression of love and devotion to family goes above and beyond that, which is normal to reach and exceed the extraordinary. Please tell us why your grandparent(s) should be nominated to receive this award.


Most Giving Grandparent(s) - this award is given to the grandparent(s) whose graciousness in giving extends beyond the immediate family and grand-children and into the church and community at-large. Please tell us why your grandparent(s) should be nominated to receive this award.


Most Attractive Grandparent(s) - this award is given to the grandparent(s) grace, style, and good looks made them a site to behold and a presence to be felt. Please submit a photo of your grandparent(s) with a short explanation of why your grandparent(s) should be nominated for this award.  

Most Talented Grandparent(s) - this award is given to the grandparent who steals the spotlight and is the star of the show. Submit proof or tell us why your grandparent has what it takes to win this coveted award.


The Longest Run Award - this award is given to the grandparents who have exhibited staying power in having the most years shared as a couple. This total includes both marriage and courtship. Please submit the total number of years your grandparents have been a couple as a means of nominating them for this award.


The Pioneer Awards -contributed substantially to the freedom, justice and equality for all people



Your Sister's Project will partner with the Chatham youth this summer with the ReCondition Community Coop.  Where we will sponsor our signature 4 week Youth Agribusiness Boot Camp.  This program will benefit youth ages 11-14, grades 6-8,  in city of Chicago, Chatham area between July 10th and August 11th, 2017. For more information please contact Sister Chanita at 844-4Re-CoOp 

For more details regarding the Your Sister's Project Youth Agribusiness Boot Camp feel free to contact Sister Shirley (Jamillah) Muhammad at 412-377-3358



Your Agripreneur Agribusiness Apprenticeship programs and projects are developed based on the historical events events below. Please feel free to contact us and let us know your thought. Thank you!  We look forward to your partnership.


Sharecroppers, sharecropping
Your Sister's Project teach never, never, never again!

The unique aspect of the Your Agripreneurs Agribusiness Apprenticeship program is that our Agripreneurs are educated and trained to own, operate and manage any urban and rural farm in order to become producers of the land and in general.

Consider your year end donations to sustain the Your Agripreneur Apprenticeship Program to educate and train middle school age youth in your city to combine their love of farming and agriculture with business in your city.
Your Sister's Project request the partnership of your organization in the fulfillment of our vision and mission. Feel free to contact us at Your Sister's Project, Inc at 412.377.3358 
Your Agripreneur Apprenticeship Finale at the KLEO Center in Chicago, Illinois pictures are forthcoming. It was awesome!


The Woodson Center, formorely known as the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise is pleased to announce Your Sister's Project as a selection of the 2016 Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) Fellows.

Your Sister's Project was the 2016 second-round  Woodson Center Fellows of fifteen community leaders and grassroots organizations promoting change and revitalization in our communities with the support of the Woodson Center.  We are "Transforming Lives, Schools, and Troubled Neighborhoods from the Inside Out." Your Sister's Project was awarded seed-funding for the Your Agripreneur Agribsiness Apprenticeship project designed to meet the needs of the city of Chicago communities.

Your Sister’s Project area of focus is education and training and workforce development. We have partnered with the K.L.E.O. Family Community Life Center in the Chicago area providing 12 students scholarships and 2 young adults facilitators to facilitate the program in order that the 12 youth successfully complete the Agripreneur simulation and to demonstrate proficiency to produce developing business documents simulating a virtual  KLEO's Farm. Your Agripreneuer is designed to allow students to apply their Microsoft Office knowledge and skills in an integrated, real-world business settings. Forthcoming to the Your Agripreneur Apprenticeship curriculum is  Student Minister Dr. Ridgley Muhammad, book, "The Science and Business of Farming vs. The Art and Hobby of Gardening."  

Dr. Brother Ridgely Muhammad is presently the Minister of Agriculture and farm manager of a 1600 acre farm in southwest Georgia owned by the Nation of Islam. He is also the Agricultural Economist and Vice-President of the National Black Farmers and Agriculturists Association.  He is the founder of the Kemetic Research Institute of Science and Technology located in Bronwood, Ga.

Your Sister's Project request the partnership of your organization in the fulfillment of our vision and mission. Feel free to contact us at Your Sister's Project, Inc at 412.377.3358 

Make your neighborhood a decent place to live..... a divine command from the Honorable Louis Farrkhan .

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